Visit a place with unlimited potential for creative photography.
Stay long enough to make lasting change to your creative vision.
Return home inspired.

Develop Your Creative Vision
is a 7-day workshop for photographers.
Designed to nurture your inner artistry,
you will master the photographic tools you thought you knew
and practice them in a supportive environment with ongoing personalized coaching.

Do you want to see real change in how you photograph a subject?
Learn new ways to see and capture a scene and watch your confidence and creative photography soar.

Develop Your Creative Vision workshops include:
– an isolated location, free of distraction, so you can just photograph for seven straight days.
– a place rich with photographic opportunities, right at your doorstep. No time lost to travelling.
– independence from the weather. If it rains, there’s no end to the indoor options. 
– comfortable accommodations, plenty of food and friendly environment.
– daily group instruction and individual coaching.

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