A 7-day creative photography workshop in one of three unique BC locations.

Creative Photography Workshops British Columbia

Develop Your Creative Vision

is a 7-day workshop for photographers.
Designed to nurture your inner artistry,
you will master the photographic tools you thought you knew
and practice them in a supportive environment with ongoing personalized coaching.

By exploring the potential of our photographic toolkit, you will learn to see and visualize in new ways.
Together we will journey into the unseen worlds of expressive art.

Develop Your Creative Vision workshops include:
• an isolated location, free of distraction, so you can just photograph for seven straight days.
• locations that are rich with photographic opportunities, right at your doorstep. No time lost to lengthy travel.
• independence from the weather. If it rains, there’s no end to the indoor options. 
• comfortable accommodations, plenty of food and friendly environment.
• daily group instruction, image review and individual coaching.

Visit a place with unlimited potential for creative photography.
Stay long enough to make lasting change to your creative vision.
Return home inspired.

Informative, Inspirational, Challenging, Creative!

A window on a creative scene.
Looking through a new window can add creative ideas to your photography.
Barkerville creative photography workshop with Dennis Ducklow
A group of photographers, full of inspiration and enthusiasm, head out with cameras in Barkerville.
Our Bella Coola headquarters. This building, decorated in 1930s style, accommodates our group and models for us under the stars.
Creative photography workshop classroom session
A classroom session is a daily event during the workshops.
Night photography is part of develop your creative vision workshops.
Barkerville lends itself well to night photography. A little light painting was used on the stage coach.
Gabriola Island photography workshops with Chris Harris
Our Gabriola Island workshop has unlimited coastal scenes. This is a long exposure image.
Individualized instruction at creative photography workshop.
Individualized instruction at the computer or with your camera is a daily feature of our workshops.
Creative photography workshop teaches multiple exposure technique.
An impressionistic view of a flower display. Created in camera using 10 multiple exposures.
Bella Coola BC workshop reflection.
Old style glass helps to create an interesting reflection of our location at Bella Coola, BC.
Gabriola Island creative photography workshop with Dennis Ducklow.
Our Gabriola workshop is located right here! The beach is at your doorstep.
Barkerville, BC photography workshop.
The main street of Barkerville provides infinite photographic potential.
Photographers help each other at Barkerville, BC creative photography workshop.
Photographers freely share their expertise and help each other.