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One of the greatest privileges as an instructor is to hear back from the photographers who attended our workshop and realize how our efforts are received. Here are a few responses from our June 2019 workshop in Bella Coola.

“I’ve always believed that the best teachers are the ones who not only teach me new skills but expand my mind, prompting me to ask questions I didn’t know to ask before, and to seek my own answers using what I learned as a springboard to go further. Chris and Dennis are that kind of teacher. They are generous in sharing their knowledge with their students, so that you come away with an armload of new techniques and skills to make better pictures. But more importantly: their love of photography and all its possibilities is so infectious that you can’t help stretching yourself into a whole new realm of creativity that you couldn’t have imagined a week earlier! Thank you, Chris and Dennis, for truly helping me expand my creative vision. I’m excited to build on what I learned in the workshop and take the next steps in my photographic journey!”


“Chris and Dennis make a great team, each contributing to a whole that is more than the parts. Their willingness to help when needed and answer questions, yet leave us on our own to explore our own creative pursuits was the perfect combination. I would recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to explore and go deeper with their creative photography pursuits.”


“When I signed up I thought it was to better express myself with “documentary” style shooting. So, when I realized it was more about truly being creative, I have to admit I wondered if I’d made a mistake (abstracts? Expressionism? Yikes!), as I didn’t think I was creative at all. But I am! I am so enjoying experimenting with multiple exposures now. I also used some of the tools we learned while photographing a rodeo the other day. Cool!
The workshop itself was fantastic – it was a good balance of tutorial/shooting/review. The “visual challenges” were spot on as they forced you to think and for some of us, to dig deep and find our creativity. Chris and Dennis are a great team – extremely knowledgable, fun, and always available for questions or extra coaching. They love the topic, and it shows.”

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