“The best photography workshop experience of my life.”

photographers celebrate end of course

This workshop went way beyond my expectations. Not only did I learn a new approach but gained immensely more satisfaction from photography than ever before. It was a life changing experience for me ! My eyes have been opened to creative aspects of photography which I find far more satisfying than traditional photography. It has given me motivation, joyfulness and pride in my photography.
Gail, 2019

Chris and Dennis deliver an exceptional workshop experience. I was inspired and motivated to express my creativity in my photography. I have participated in the Tallheo and Gabriola workshops and I will definitely be returning for another workshop.
Doug, 2019

Imagine visiting a photographer’s haven of beauty, history, unlimited options where you are led, inspired and motivated to express your creative self through photography. Welcome to an unforgettable experience through which you will transform and grow into the creative photographer you wanted to be.

Terry, 2016

I went deeper as a photographer than I ever expected. The assigned subjects really challenged me to explore all of the possibilities and techniques you guys were presenting. The more I dug, the more I discovered and I had many “aha moments” while looking at the back of my camera. 
Betty 2018

Both of you, in your own personal way, have provided me with an opportunity to examine myself as a visual artist, including my strengths and areas for improvement. I can’t express the gratitude that I have for you both. You make a great team.
Dave, 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed this week. Not only have I learned from Chris & Dennis but also from the creativity of all the participants. The pace was good, feedback fantastic and venue spectacular.
Wilma, 2018

I was pushed out of my comfort zone and my imagination was stretched. Dennis & Chris make a wonderful team, balancing each other’s strengths very well. They provide an encouraging and supportive environment while delivering critically important constructive feedback.
Linda, 2018

A fantastic, and safe place, to reignite your passion for imagery, and go places with your photography that you likely have never gone. 
Buzz, 2018

A must for anyone interested in photography. Best photography workshop, ever.
Ed, 2017

I learned about things I thought I knew. And being in such a diverse, isolated place made the process so much easier. Chris and Dennis are such easy going, knowledgable photographers who are so willing to share. The hosts could not have been better. 
Ruth, 2017

Well organized, great instructors, great atmosphere to learn. My eyes are opened to see and work creatively.  Chris and Dennis deserve praise for running such a great workshop.
Judy 2017 

Experience of a lifetime. Excellent combination, Chris and Dennis. You make a dynamic duo!
Bev, 2017

Thank you for such a great workshop , so well put together by such competent and charismatic instructors. The hosts were excellent, the presentations and tutorials really helped and the location was truly inspiring.
Normand, 2016

I never had to wait for long to get my questions answered or problems solved. Chris and Dennis at times,  seemed to appear from nowhere, to help with some question I was having.
Catharine, 2016

This is a learning experience provided by two master photographers who will freely share their knowledge and experience. You’ll learn some new technical things and you’ll be surrounded by and participate in a creative process. A week at an all-inclusive with a photography workshop thrown in … it doesn’t get any better than this!
Fred, 2016

The workshop is a safe zone to experiment freely to learn and express your artistic photography. It was the best photography workshop experience of my life!
Dolly, 2016

Chris and Dennis encouraged us to view scenes beyond what we normally would. They were always available to everyone and constantly offered constructive feedback. I think they worked as hard or harder than the participants and shared not only photographic knowledge but their hearts and lives as well. The facility is very well suited for the course. Weather did not hamper the experience because of the many photo ops available. The hosts were extremely accommodating and cheerful.
Brian, 2016

The way in which Chris and Dennis reinforced each other was very beneficial for all.
Ralph, 2016

A place of serenity, with no pressure of trying to fit into a mold. Everyone had their own personal viewpoint which added to the enjoyment.
Mike 2016

This was an invaluable experience for me. The relaxed, non critical, non competitive atmosphere has restored my enthusiasm in photography.
Bea, 2016


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photographer at Develop Your Creative Vision workshop