Just a few steps away from the St. George Hotel, two photographers begin a photo session on the Main Street of Barkerville.

Barkerville is a town of discovery: culturally, historically, and artistically. With more than 130 heritage buildings, merchants dressed in period costume, unique and colourful streetscapes, placer mining antiques, and a historical cemetery, Barkerville offers an unparalleled and diverse array of photographic possibilities. 

Once a place where gold was discovered, it is now a place to strike it rich in terms of discovering one’s creative potential. All the elements for powerful compositions are there in abundance. Whether your style is documentary, expressive, or more abstract, Barkerville offers an incredible opportunity to expand your creative and artistic potential.

Our accommodations are in the heart of the heritage site, at the St. George Hotel. With beautifully appointed rooms which take you back in time (with modern day comforts) we will be living in an authentic 1890’s atmosphere. 

To capture the culinary diversity of Barkerville, we will dine at the hotel as well as the local Barkerville eateries. All in all, a scrumptious delight to sweeten the adventure.

Why have we chosen Barkerville as a workshop location?

  • It has an incredible array of photographic subjects to be immersed in. One week is not nearly enough to exhaust the photographic potential.
  • Our accommodations are right there in the townsite.  No need for travel. And our modern, comfortable classroom is directly across the street from the hotel.
  • We can photograph indoors or out, so the weather is not a factor.
  • While we have everything we need right here, you’ll be isolated enough that you won’t be distracted from the photography you came to do.
  • Your adventure begins when you journey from your home to Barkerville. No matter where you come from, you’ll be stopping to take in the beauty of British Columbia. 

The St. George Hotel lobby welcomes you with period decor in comfort and style.

One of the bedrooms in the St. George Hotel. Private bathrooms are available in most rooms (door on the right). For a few of the rooms, they are in the hallway. For those without private bathrooms, only two people share a bathroom.

Meet James, our indefatigable host. He brings the town to life with this colourful stories about people and events in the 1860s and ensures all our needs are met.

The modern classroom in Barkerville, across the street from our hotel, is the perfect place for our image review sessions and individual editing time.

Instructional sessions include opportunities for individual feedback on your images.

A view of the Main Street. Notice the sign on the left, indicating the St. George Hotel.  


Getting to Barkerville

Barkerville is an 8-10 hour drive from Vancouver (752 km). We recommend doing it in 2-3 days or more, with lots to explore along the Gold Rush Trail. When you get to Quesnel, turn east on Hwy 26 and drive to the end. Go slow on this highway and have your camera ready. It’s common to see moose and other wildlife along here.