Gabriola Island

Gabriola Island offers a plethora of photographic opportunities, from the amazing sandstone formations to the cedar forests. Some of the places we’ll visit include the famous Malaspina Galleries (very unusual sandstone formations), three distinctly unique provincial parks as well as local parks and attractions. Being part of the Gulf Island ecosystem, the island is dotted with Arbutus trees as well as rare Garry Oaks. There’s also abundant bird and marine life to be seen. Dozens of artists make their home here for good reason.

The Gabriola Island workshop will be hosted at The Haven, a popular retreat centre. Its many acres are right on the beach, with very comfortable accommodations, dining and even a gym, pool and oceanfront hot tub! All private rooms have their own bathrooms. Double occupancy rooms have two beds and its own bathroom.

Why have a photography workshop on Gabriola Island? Glad you asked …

  • It’s a perfect place for photographers who want to explore a marine environment. We’ll be watching the tide tables and exploring the fascinating sandstone formations that surround the island.
  • There is a diversity of natural environments for us to explore, from intertidal sea creatures to coastal rainforests. 
  • There is opportunity here to develop your skill with macro photography, long exposures, light painting, night photography and more. As with our other locations, we’ll be going deeper with each subject and creating expressive, artistic images.
  • As well, Gabriola Island offers a location closer to Metro Vancouver, making access easier for many.
beach on Gabriola Island

The view from in front of The Haven. We are located right on the beach with lots to explore.

tidal pool

At low tide, the tidal pools, teeming with life, offer endless exploration and discovery.

long exposure photography

Gabriola Island has many places to practice long exposure photography.

sandstone rock formations Gabriola Island.

The rock formations on the beaches are staggering in their amazing variations.

peaceful moments on Gabriola Island

Peaceful moments at every turn.

misty road in forest.

Quiet roads through misty forests lead us to new discoveries.

old growth forest, Gabriola Island.

Elders Forest on Gabriola is a nature preserve with a forest walk, leading you through old growth cedars and spirits of the past.

Getting to Gabriola Island

Gabriola Island is located near the Nanaimo harbour, on Vancouver Island. From the Vancouver area, two ferries are required. The first ferry route is  Tsawwsassen to Duke Point or Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay. The second, smaller ferry terminal is very close to the Departure Bay terminal. Check the BC Ferry schedules to coordinate the two sailings. The workshop gets underway at supper time on April 29.