Vieux Montréal

We’ve had two unforgettable workshops in Vieux Montréal.

We have no future workshops planned for Vieux Montréal.

Situated on the St. Lawrence River and alongside the Vieux Port of Montreal, Vieux Montréal is one of North America’s most remarkable concentrations of 17th-, 18th-, and 19th-century buildings. Beautifully restored, it’s a wonderful place to wander the charming cobblestone streets and alleyways, exploring and discovering its many hidden treasures; outdoor plazas, art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and sidewalk cafes. Rue Saint Paul, for example, is Montreal’s oldest street with cobblestones dating back to 1672.

After sundown, the old city is transformed with lampposts and warm beacons of innovative light. The feeling of romance prevails. 

Why have we chosen Vieux Montréal to host a workshop?

We chose Old Montreal to host this workshop because of its cultural and architectural diversity which is uniquely Canadian. 

Our Hotel Bonaparte is in the heart of Vieux Montréal, where photographic opportunities abound in all directions outside our door.  The flavour and features of the Old City and the Old Port are entirely within walking distance. We can easily photograph before breakfast and well into the evening.

Centuries old stone and brick buildings, timeworn windows, doors and alleyways, and palimpsest  (where old and new are revealed on top of one another; which occur in centuries-old cities), provide a stage to photograph like no other city in the country. We will emphasis techniques and style to best capture this unique ‘sense of place’ and cultural diversity.